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Leadership Studies Program

Our Leadership Studies program is a field-based outdoor adventure expedition focusing on small group dynamics and the contributions the Humanities can make toward understanding leadership. It is a specialized program for students interested in leadership studies and a more intensive outdoor experience.

As with the other CRI programs, this version combines academic courses in the Humanities, outdoor adventure activity, and attention to small-group living. With explicit attention to the nature of leadership and extended time in the field, it presents students with a special opportunity to study leadership.

The CRI Leadership program addresses the broad question of how different humanities disciplines, specifically Religious Studies, Philosophy, Literature and Art, can provide insights into the nature of leadership. You'll take four different discussion-oriented courses that address leadership from a particular disciplinary perspective. You'll consider both historical and theoretical notions of leadership and ask what principles apply in various educational, corporate, and organizational contexts. Read more...

Outdoor Adventure
This special Leadership semester features a greater number of days spent in the field, and is the Institute's most physically rigorous. It consists of a series of multi-day and multi-week expeditions concentrated in wilderness areas of North Carolina and Florida, but occasionally including international travel. The outdoor activities focus primarily on backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. This program offers a greater emphasis on competency in different outdoor skills and expeditionary operations. Read more...

Community Life
The Leadership program is comprised of approximately 8-12 students. This size makes it an ideal forum for examining group dynamics, for applying the ideas of leadership presented in your courses. Like the other Castle Rock programs, you'll spend a majority of your time with the same few people. You'll share responsibilities and assist with group activities. Living in such a small community and sharing so much common experience, you'll form close relationships with other members of the group, and find yourself both leading, and being led. Read more...

Comprehensive fee: $15,250
(including tuition, trips, equipment, room, board, and books)

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