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Academics are the core of all Castle Rock Institute programs. In fact, the quality of our academics is what disinguishes the Institute from other off-campus study organizations, and what has created the excellent reputation we enjoy with universities and colleges around the country. More than fifty schools have accepted CRI course credits, even when they do not accept transfer credit from other major outdoor programs.

The Castle Rock Leadership curriculum integrates four different Humanities disciplines by offering four courses focused on the nature of leadership.

The Castle Rock Institute is an educational community dedicated to studying the Humanities, to examining those academic disciplines concerned with how people throughout history have expressed, confronted, and understood the perplexities of the human condition. This special leadership program strives to awaken for students a sense of the value and relevance of the Humanities, and to furnish knowledge, skills and experiences that challenge them to understand better what constitues effective leadership in various contexts. Read more...

Students at the Castle Rock Institute take four courses (for a total of 16 semester credits): one in Religious Studies, one in Philosophy, another in Literature, and another in Studio Art. The courses last 15 weeks, meet regularly, and include traditional undergraduate assignments like required readings, papers, group presentations, and exams. All classwork is evaluated and students receive a Brevard College transcript of their grades when they complete the program. Read more...

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