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Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure is an integral part of all Castle Rock Institute programs. Led by trained and certified instructors, students spend several days each week participating in outdoor activities, whether they be day-long or multi-day overnight adventures. In addition to its academic studies, being at CRI is also being out on the trail, down the river, and up the rock.

The Institute takes seriously the idea that there is a fundamental connection between body and mind, between embodied, lived experience and the more abstract, theoretical concerns of the intellect. It understands a mutually reinforcing relationship between direct contact with the natural world and the intellectual goals central to the Humanities.

Outdoor adventure at the Castle Rock Institute is designed to enhance students' understanding of leadership, foster a better sense of community, communication, and cooperation, provide opportunities for reflection, and certainly, to be simply fun.

Our Location
The diversity of its natural surroundings allows the Castle Rock Institute to offer an amazing variety of outdoor adventure activities. Our base camp is in Brevard, North Carolina, a bit southwest of Asheville, and nestled in the Blue Ridge mountians. Read more...

Outdoor Activities
When you enroll for a semester at the Institute, you won't just spend time backpacking, or paddle different whitewater rivers. You'll get to top out some of the best rock climbing routes in the southeast. You'll mountain bike through a network of over 200 miles of designated trails, and you'll sea kayak along a pristine mountain lake. Read more...

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