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What Students are saying about CRI

"This experience has been beyond my imagination. The intimacy of our community here- among classmates, professors, and the rest of nature -has really revitalized my sense of identity and the world by interrelating, co-creating, and bringing "down to earth" the academic as well as social experience. By experiencing life here with head, heart and hands, I am leaving CRI enriched."
        - Scott Phelps, College of William and Mary

"My semester at the Castle Rock Institute was an experience that I will remember forever. It was, as our Literature professor likes to say, "transforming." I was transformed by the discussion classes-they demanded a creativity and questioning that isn't asked for in many other places. I was transformed by the trails, rivers, and rocks-they pulled more out of me than I thought I had. I was transformed by the other students- they challenged me to relate, to grow, to love."
        - David Jessop, Oberlin College

"Castle Rock has given me an example for the way I want to live my life; I want to read, be outdoors, learn, think, play -all the things which contribute to well-roundedness are here... and here for the taking."
        - Daisy Patterson, Davidson College

"CRI was the most mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging experience I can recall. It was a time that pushed my comfort zones, in the best of ways- living with a unique community of people, biking up a 5-mile mountainside, questioning the beliefs that embrace my existence, and expanding my mind through class discussions & readings, to the absolute limit."
        - Kate Hove, University of Iowa

"My semester at Castle Rock was unique and rewarding. I learned things that will stick with me for the rest of my life, as will the friends and memories I have gained. The "inward bound" aspect fits nicely with the academic and outdoor adventure elements of the program. The Castle Rock experience is one that cannot be duplicated in the typical classroom. It teaches lessons not only about the Humanities, but about life. The classes are hard work but the material is interesting and worth learning. The trips are great. It is incredible to look at a beautiful mountain view, finish a tough climb or bike ride and realize it is a school day."
        - Michael Duvall, College of Wooster

"My experience at Castle Rock affected me in very personal , emotional ways. I was changed by the people, the good intentions, the sincere feelings there. The trips, the lodge, the food, the classes, and so on were all amazing, beyond reproach, but when I think of why this experience will always live on in my heart it is because of the love created there. The staff are all amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring people. Each one will mean something special to me forever. CRI is a beautiful life experience and I will forever be grateful because of it."
        - Catherine Herrington, New College

"Castle Rock was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Taking this time to do this was the best thing I could have done for myself. Every time I was climbing a rock, I didn't think Iíd make it to the top, and every time I did. Realizing that I can always make it to the top was the best lesson I could learn. Classes here will make you stretch your brain to its ultimate, and then some. Food at Castle Rock was like nowhere else, and going back to 'commoner' things will be quite a let down."
         - Laura Haduck, Sarah Lawrence College

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