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The Castle Rock Institute is located about four miles south of Brevard, a small town (with a population of 5,388 in 1990) in the mountains of western North Carolina. The Institute is housed in a winterized lodge surrounded by 200 acres of private land that includes areas of thick forest, waterfalls, and outcroppings of granite. Students and faculty alike enjoy the mountain view, nearby hiking trails, and natural beauty the lodge offers.

The Institute is also nearby several National Forests totaling close to a million acres, and ranging from 2,000 to just over 6,000 feet in elevation. With several thousand miles of hiking trails, hundreds of designated mountain biking trails, excellent friction and crack climbing spots, rugged rivers with class II and III rapids, and a number of limestone caves --this area is ideal for a fantastic variety of outdoor activity.

In addition to western North Carolina, the Leadership program also travels to the Florida Everglades, and to a lowland swamp in South Carolina. The program occasionally travels to Latin America for a special two-week expedition.

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