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Environmental Studies Program

The Castle Rock Environmental Studies program is a study abroad semester that travels from the mountains of North Carolina to Western Australia during the fall, and to New Zealand in the Spring. It is an Environmental Humanities program dedicated to exploring cross-cultural understandings of the relationships between human beings and nature.

Like the other CRI programs, this international version combines academic work in the Humanities, regular outdoor adventure activity, and attention to small group living. With explicit attention to environmental issues, multiple days in remote natural areas, and extensive contact with indigenous peoples, it offers students a unique cross-cultural study opportunity.

The CRI Environmental Humanities program takes four Humanities subjects-- Religious Studies, Literature, Philosophy, and Studio Art-- and focuses them on the question of how the significance of being human both affects, and is affected by, the natural world. It follows an integrated curriculum of readings and discussions exploring the human dimension of environmental issues. Read more...

Outdoor Adventure
This Environmental Humanities semester takes you off campus and out of the city for extended contact with remote natural areas and different ecosystems. Beginning in North Carolina, and traveling to either Australia or New Zealand, provides you an extraordinary context for comparing indigenous and Western worldviews and allows you to experience a diversity of environments. Traveling from base camp to base camp, you'll spend almost the entire semester living out of your backpack, camping most of the time, but also backpacking, swimming, sea kayaking and rock climbing. Read more...

Community Life
This special Environmental Studies program brings together a small group of 8-12 students each semester. As with all of the CRI programs, a group this size makes issues of community central to life in the program. It urges you to consider what and who are participating members of your community. It demands that you take responsibility for how individual actions affect others both within and beyond your immediate attention. It creates daily opportunities to consider how the complexities of human relationships and the interdependencies of ecological systems are rarely separate. Read more...

Comprehensive fee: $16,500
(including tuition, trips, equipment, room, board, and books, but excluding International airfare)

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