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Outdoor Adventure

As part of its academic mission, the Castle Rock Institute organizes for its students regular outdoor adventure trips. Led by trained and certified instructors, students spend several days each week participating in day-long or multi-day overnight outdoor activities. Whether it be on the trail, down the river, or just sitting around a fire for class, being outside is an integral part of CRI.

The Institute takes seriously the idea that there is a fundamental connection between body and mind, between embodied, lived experience and the more abstract, theoretical concerns of the intellect. It understands there to be intrinsic benefits to studying environmental issues and ideas while in direct contact with the natural world.

Outdoor experience at the Castle Rock Institute is designed to enhance students' awareness of nature, foster a better sense of community, provide opportunities for reflection, and also, to be simply fun.

Travels: Where We Go
The CRI Environmental Studies program begins in the mountains of North Carolina and visits either Western Australia or New Zealand. It is a study abroad program designed to highlight both the cultural differences and the ecological diversity these countries offer. Deserts, mountains, forests, oceans and rivers promise their beauty, insight, and inspiration. Read more...

Outdoor Activities
This program's activities are designed to provide you intimate encounters with a diversity of wilderness areas and natural settings. You'll travel into remote areas for camping, hiking, climbing and paddling. You'll live mostly out of your backpack, and live in areas far beyond where most tourists go. Read more...

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