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Community Life

The small size of each Castle Rock group makes attention to issues of group dynamics central to its international program. Students do almost everything together-- eating meals, taking classes, going on outdoor trips, studying and preparing for class, traveling, just hanging out. Consequently, it is important that everyone choose to act responsibly, make decisions that benefit the group as a whole, and be honest in their interactions with others.

Building a sense of community, and realizing the kind of positive relationships this entails-- the friendship, support, encouragement and trust --helps improve every other aspect of this Castle Rock program.

Life at CRI
A semester at the Castle Rock Institute is often described as an intense personal, intellectual, and physical experience. It demands a great deal from students, but promises significant rewards as well. It proves to be a form of fully engaged college education. Read more...

A Typical Day
A typical day at the Castle Rock Institute blends discussion-class learning, group meals, opportunities for experiencing the outdoors, and free time for individual reading and exploring. Read more...

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