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A semester at the Castle Rock Institute is an intense personal, intellectual, and physical experience. It demands a great deal from you, but promises significant rewards as well.

Living and interacting closely within a group demands a degree of flexibility on the part of each individual. It may require that certain personal freedoms be sacrificed for the sake of group cooperation. Most activities at the Institute, whether they be setting up a campsite, splitting firewood for the lodge, or offering a safe belay, require participants to work together and to trust each other. The dynamics of cooperative problem solving are central to life at Castle Rock.

Participating in an Institute program is likewise academically rigorous. It requires from you sharp analytical skills, sustained creative thought, and a willingness to express clearly your ideas. As you struggle to draw out connections between your courses, ultimately the responsibility for your educational experience is your own. While enrolled at the Institute, we expect you to be an enthusiastic learner, someone who will work to enhance the intellectual experience of everyone involved.

Joining Castle Rock for a semester also entails physical challenges. You will spend many days in the woods away from the comforts of running water, indoor heat, and electricity. In addition, many of the adventure activities we organize demand a level of physical strength and endurance. Basically, this kind of activity, despite its potential difficulty, calls for a commitment to giving your full effort. With encouragement and guidance, such a commitment will lead to success.

Overall, life at the Castle Rock Institute is best suited for mature and motivated individuals who thrive when immersed in a challenging environment, who value experience with nature, and who believe integrating one's studies with one's daily life offers significant benefits.

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