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A Typical Day with CRI

Most days during Castle Rock summer programs are quite busy and full. We're constantly on the move, working and playing hard.

The general schudule alternates between outdoor trips, group activities, meetings for class discussions, and travel. One day we might spend the morning listening to a guest lecture, and the afternoon on a short day hike. Another might be part of a long backpacking trip or sea kayaking excursion. Some days involve traveling from one location to the next, and others are simply free for you to rest, study or explore on your own.

Balancing all of this is crucial, and generally involves combining tasks and allocating time wisely. You may, for example, find yourself contemplating animal rights while paddling your sea kayak, reading a novel for literature class on a backpacking trip, or writing in your journal for a few minutes after lunch.

Each day brings new challenges and experiences, exciting opportunities to explore "what it means to be human."

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