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Summer Outdoor Adventure

The Castle Rock Institute summer programs are not just study courses; they are also outdoor adventure expeditions. Led by trained and certified instructors, students spend almost every day of the program participating in outdoor activities.

The Institute values connecting body and mind, joining lived experience and the more abstract, theoretical concerns of the intellect. It understands there to be intrinsic benefits to studying issues and ideas drawn from teh Humanities while in direct contact with the natural world.

Outdoor experience at the Castle Rock Institute is designed to enhance students' awareness of nature, foster a better sense of community, provide opportunities for reflection, and also, to be simply fun.

Travels: Where We Go
The CRI summer programs begin at our base camp in Brevard, NC. The first remains in the United States traveling through different areas of North and South Carolina. The second is an international expedition that travels to Western Australia. Read more...

Outdoor Activities
The summer programs are multi-part expeditions. Students receive basic skills instruction and then set off for the remainder of the program on a series of extended outdoor trips. Each expedition includes several outdoor activities. Read more...

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