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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
What is the Castle Rock Institute?
The Castle Rock Institute is an outdoor education organization that provides college-aged students academic programs combining interdisciplinary coursework, organized group wilderness activities, and attention to small-group community living.

Different from other outdoor organizations, the Castle Rock Institute integrates quality academic instruction into its programs. Students on semester programs take four college-level Humanities courses taught by Institute Senior Fellows— one each in Comparative Religions, Philosophy, Literature, and Studio Art. Each course meets regularly throughout the semester and awards four hours of transferable college credit.

The Castle Rock Institute offers the nation’s only outdoor adventure, experiential education programs that award a full semester (16 hours) of academic credit in the Humanities, and the only study abroad program that takes students to remote areas of both Australia and New Zealand. Its programs offer an extraordinary academic context for students engaged in Leadership Studies and Environmental Studies, a uniquely personal educational opportunity for high school graduates seeking further academic and personal growth before entering college, and an integrated educational experience for current college students seeking to reinvigorate their studies and their approach to college life.


The Castle Rock Institute is dedicated to creating an educational setting well suited for investigating links between scholarship in the Humanities and the practical dimensions of human life. It believes that studying the Humanities offers great opportunity for personal growth and insight, and that this study is enhanced when conducted in the context of a small community of people who regularly engage the natural world. Through its study programs, the Castle Rock Institute aims to provide young people regular opportunities to reflect on their relationships to the environment, on their understanding of leadership, and on the complexities of what it means to be human.
I think what you guys are doing is awesome!
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