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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Wendell Berry on Community
"If we speak of a healthy community, we cannot be speaking of a community that is merely human. We are talking about a neighborhood of humans in a place, plus the place itself: its soil, its water, its air, and all the families and tribes of the nonhuman creatures that belong to it. If the place is well preserved, if its entire membership, natural and human, is present in it, and if the human economy is in practical harmony with the nature of the place, then the community is healthy."

This quote by Wendell Berry reinforces, once again, the link between environmental issues and the assumptions we make about community. It suggests that as we become less community orientated, we'll continue to see greater environmental problems.
I found another writer who seems to speak to the same themes that Wendell Berry does: Chet Bowers. Is anyone familiar with his ideas?
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